Coming to Silver Ridge

At Silver Ridge, we focus on making the admissions process as efficient and convenient as possible. We work with our clients to ensure that we can provide the care and attention they need by starting with a brief, confidential assessment.

Silver Ridge serves those who need to retreat discreetly from their daily lives. Here, we provide the perfect setting to focus on the addictions compromising your relationships, your future and your legacy.

There is no commitment required to speak with a Silver Ridge admissions specialist about your treatment options.

What Do I Need to Bring to Silver Ridge?

Silver Ridge Video

We recommend bringing the following items:

  • Clothing needed for seven days
  • Prescription medication in the original prescription bottle with a matching label
  • Personal hygiene items, such as shampoo and conditioner, soap, shaving supplies, toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss and deodorant
  • $50.00 in cash or pre-paid Visa cards

Silver Ridge will provide all fundamental necessities, including:

  • Three meals per day, snacks and beverages
  • Bed linens, blankets, pillows and towels
  • Laundry facilities with detergent

Our staff are not permitted to access client debit or credit cards, so we ask that clients come to treatment with $50.00 in cash or pre-paid Visa cards. The cash or pre-paid Visa cards allow our staff to make trips to the store for necessities like medications or personal hygiene items.


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