How Addiction Affects the Brain:
The Neuroscience of Compulsive Behavior

The Root Cause of Addiction

Addiction is the result of real and tangible changes in brain function that affect thought and behavior. Addiction is widely regarded by the medical community as a disease that can be systematically diagnosed and successfully treated. Unfortunately, few people among the general population understand why and how addiction develops and how treatment works to end an addiction for the long-term.

In this eBook, we aim to help you understand the complex ways in which drug and alcohol abuse affect brain function and how these changes may lead to a compulsion to use drugs. Once you understand how addiction’s compulsive behaviors develop, it’s easier to see how treatment can help an individual successfully end even the most severe, long-term drug or alcohol addiction.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The structures and functions of the brain that impact dependence and addiction
  • How the brain changes during substance abuse
  • How dependence develops, and how it’s treated
  • How addiction develops, and how it’s treated
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The Root Cause of Addiction
The Root Cause of Addiction
The Root Cause of Addiction

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